Eric Helms Seminar

Eric Helms has 2 masters and is currently working on his PHD. He has also trained over 200 competitive bodybuilders.


Here are a few pearls from Eric’s seminar.

1. Off season is generally when you will win or lose your comp, never stray too far from your chosen stage/goal weight and body fat. The caveat is to make sure you increase your macros/cals enough to grow.

2. Most competitors will transition from off season to comp prep 8-16 weeks out and then wonder why they can’t get shredded hamstring/glutes. The reality is it take much longer to get your legs to lean out! From Eric’s experience, he suggests around 4/6 months.

3. The common myth is bodybuilding is all diet. Training is the one thing that will help you get bigger and better for next season, always remember this and never compromise diet for the lack of training.

4. Use a structured refeed when your mood/ performance drops. This must come in the form of almost all good clean carbs. Don’t get into the mind-set of a cheat meal/day this represents that your current diet is unattainable and can cause problems with over eating at a later date.

5. When cutting weight/body fat you will reach “semi starvation”. Yes you will be hungry, yes you will get moody and yes, it will suck. The quicker you come to terms with this, the better prepared you will be. Have meal plans, be strong and above all get support from as many people as possible. Talk to loved ones about it, get ideas from others, talk to your coach other how you’re feeling.

6. When peaking for competition you should aim to be shredded and stage ready about 3 weeks out. Contrary to what most people do, Eric suggests you don’t cut any water before comps!

Here’s why:

  • It’s obviously dangerous to cut lots of water
  • Muscles hold water so when dehydrated your muscles will actually shrink!
  • When dehydrated you will struggle to get a “pump” this can make a huge difference when on stage.
  • Judges will generally mark you down if you look unhappy, dizzy and shaking this is all common when dehydrated.

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