Eric Helms Seminar

Eric Helms has 2 masters and is currently working on his PHD. He has also trained over 200 competitive bodybuilders.


Here are a few pearls from Eric’s seminar.

1. Off season is generally when you will win or lose your comp, never stray too far from your chosen stage/goal weight and body fat. The caveat is to make sure you increase your macros/cals enough to grow. Continue reading “Eric Helms Seminar”

Strong Not Skinny

We have had quite a few emails recently regarding our female only class on a Friday evening ‘Strong Not Skinny’.

‘What does it involve?’

‘Am I strong enough to come?’

‘Will it make me too bulky’?

Our main aim behind the class is to make you stronger. Plain and simple. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like knowing they’re getting stronger. However, like with most things, strength is relative. There are no initial requirements to come to the class, just a positive attitude and the ability to work hard. Continue reading “Strong Not Skinny”