LLoyd Renals Seminar

James made the short trip down to Winning Health Solutions in Southampton on Saturday to attend a seminar from World’s Strongest Man competitor, Lloyd Renals.


Elite-Bodyworks are the number one gym in Basingstoke for Strongman Training so we need to ensure we stay top of our game with theoretical and practical application of all things Strongman.

Here are just a few pearl’s of wisdom from the day.

1. One of the best ways to improve your strength is to improve neurological co-ordination. You can work at 50% of your 1RM for multiple sets of doubles or trebles at the end of your session to improve your power and to rest your central nervous system.

We currently use similar formats of speed work but Lloyd reiterated not only how important it is but also how frequently it can be done to help improve your max lifts.

2. The Viking Press is hugely different based upon which way you face and the height of the axis of rotation. Grip, stance and footwear are dependant on the individual but more importantly whether you are facing towards or away from the centre of the press.

3. Maxes on moving event’s should only be attempted every 4-6 weeks, speed work is the most important factor. This is something else that we have learnt and¬†implement regularly but it was nice to recap and to know that the top guys in the world use the same systems.

Also grip on the Yoke can be based upon Squat preference.

4. Front Squats don’t always carry over to improved performance on the Stones, sometimes Back Squats are a better indicator depending on genetics. Heavy Bent Over Rows and Hammer Curls are also good accessory exercises.

James also had his Log Press technique assessed, unfortunately due to soreness from training that week the weight had to be kept fairly light but it was still noted that although the lockout was snappy, the jerk needed more power so this should be the focus to improve this particular lift. (The goal is to take his current 105kg max to 115kg by June 2014).

In summary, it was very interesting to hear a professional Strongman talk about different aspects of the sport with many tips and advice being very useful. Due to most attendees being extremely sore unfortunately a lot of the practical element wasn’t applicable but the theoretical element certainly allowed a wealth of knowledge to be taken from Lloyd.

Hopefully in the future we may be able to get Lloyd down to EBW for a training session and seminar, although with a 400kg Deadlift, we may need a few more plates!

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