Thoughts From Fitness Competitors…

Everyone wants to get in better shape right? Well what does it take to get ready for the stage? Below we reveal the thoughts of three people who know exactly what it’s like and their views on all things fat loss relating to themselves and the general population!

Katie Dixon – EBW Coach who recently got into amazing shape for a photo shoot in the lead up to her wedding in January.

Katie PS

Franki Napolitano – EBW Coach who recently competed in the IFC (International Fitness Competition) which is a competition relying on 50% physique and 50% physical events. Her first Physique based comp, she came 6th/21!


Charlotte Shore – A long-term client of EBW, Charlotte came 1st and 2nd in two different classes recently at Pure Elite’s October Qualifier and qualified for the World’s in November.

Char PE

We asked them all 9 questions to get an idea of what they think on certain topics related to improving body composition, here are their responses…

1. What are your top 3 tips when someone says they want to get into better shape?

K – Never miss breakfast, increase your water intake, and consistency is key.

F – Set short-term, realistically achievable goals. Be prepared to be committed and stick to a plan, be it a food diary, using MFP (MyFitnessPal App), set gym sessions or making sure you find a balance between work, home life and the gym that suits you! If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, change it up!

C – Don’t go on a ‘diet’, change your lifestyle in a way that works for you and your family. Don’t do too much at once else you are more likely to fail, celebrate the successes no matter how small and do not compare yourself to others, everyone is on their own journey. Enjoy working out, try lots of different activities/sports.

2. How much should someone exercise?

K – This is dependant on goals and commitments but I would say as often as possible, allowing adequate rest and recovery. Exercise is good for your mental state as well as your physical health and can often be a great way to unwind and forget about any worries or stress.

F – I would recommend between 3-5 times per week, depending on time, budget and goals. Exercise doesn’t need to be solely in the gym – just getting up and going for a brisk 30 minute walk on your lunch break is better than sitting at your desk!

C – As much as they can depending on their lifestyle, it shouldn’t be a chore or too stressful as it will end up having negative affects, I would suggest 4 – 5 times a week making sure at least one of those is purely for fun. It does very much depend on your goal, for example I walk because I love to, not because I have to.

3. What would be your top 3 supplements for fat loss and why?

K – A good fish oil, vitamin D, and multi vitamins. These are good ‘basics’ which can be taken year round, just remember that supplements should never replace a healthy diet.

F – Magnesium – helps you sleep and if you’re sleeping better, you’ll perform better, allowing your body to adapt to new regimes! Fish Oil – all round fat loss and joint care. Protein Powder and lots of water – getting the needed calories in whilst aiding muscle repair! (less sore muscles means you’re less likely to skip the next session)!

C –

Multi vitamin – Overall health
Fish Oil – EFA’s and body comp benefits
Vit C – Great for immune system and overall health including skin and eyes

4. What in your opinion is the biggest limiting factor with someone wanting to get in better shape?

K- Self-belief!

F – Confusion and self-doubt. Who to listen to, what eating style is best, what to drink and when. Far too many conflicting stories and opinions on social media. I also think a lot of people don’t realise how long it can take to see changes themselves, so they can give up quite easily. Boredom too I suppose!

C –  Their mind-set. Also there is so much incorrect information on social media people get overwhelmed. ‘Diets’ don’t work, understanding food and having a little bit of everything is usually the best way. Too much restriction usually doesn’t work long-term.

5. Why choose weight training over a more cardio based approach?

K – The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn. An intense weight training session can have the same cardiovascular effect as cardio based training, although I do incorporate both!

F – Weight training has given me the body shape I have always wanted. I was never (and never will be) a “skinny girl”, I have hips, big legs and a round bum – and now, I don’t want to lose them! The weight training has allowed me to highlight and love these once most covered up features and I want to carry on doing so. I’m not particularly good at CV – walking, the cross trainer and the rowing machine are my limits!

C –  I enjoy weight training, that’s why I do it. It also helps promote a physique I personally want to achieve, lean with muscle tone, for me too much cardio will make me look too skinny.  However that said I enjoy walking and cycling which I guess counts as cardio!

6. What’s one thing you miss when dieting?

K – Eating off a plate. Sounds ridiculous but when you are eating 6-8 meals a day (on some days) the only way to ensure you get them in is by prepping them and that means a lot of tupperware!

F – I’d have to echo Charlotte and say Freedom! But that’s because what I was doing was so specific.

C – Freedom

7. What’s your answer to someone who tells you what you’re doing “is too extreme?”

K – I actually agree, mostly. It is extreme and not really sustainable over a long period of time. Extreme ‘dieting’ has side effects which is why a more flexible lifestyle is best in order to maintain a toned & healthy body!

F – I personally don’t find much of what I have done to be extreme – maybe setting 4:30am alarms could be deemed as such though! But that is so I could ensure I could fit everything into my days. My lifestyle has become my norm though. I don’t think baked salmon and veg for breakfast is extreme if that’s what I want to eat. It is usually people’s first response to say it’s extreme because they haven’t heard of the differing methods before.

C – I would agree some aspects of what I have done in the past have been too extreme and I can honestly say I would never want my daughter to get into bodybuilding, controversial I know, but its the truth.  I’ve had many struggles on my journey and learnt a lot about myself on the way. It’s not for everyone and I totally understand and respect people’s views. We are all different and that’s a good thing.

8. How often should you have a cheat/refeed?

K – This again is person specific and based on an individual’s goal! Unless you are training for something specific (or ‘extreme’) then you should adopt a flexible eating habit that allows you to enjoy the things you like.
If you are training for something specific, your cheat meals would need to be more structured and planned, normally around training days.

F – Balance and self-control is key. In the last few weeks of prep before the IFC, I had one cheat – which was a bit of chocolate. I say self-control because a cheat meal can quickly escalate into a cheat day – and before you know it, you’re back eating crisps at lunch and a muffin and latte for breakfast…

C – Very much depends on what you are trying to achieve but I would promote a more balanced approach on a day-to-day basis. However when I did use this approach usually once a week.

9. Finally, why do you train and eat the way you do?

K – Training for me kills stress, provides focus and a sense of achievement. I like control and staying in shape which is why I eat the way I do!

F – I never really felt like I was particularly “good” at anything, so since I started training seriously, I love the buzz I get from hitting a PB or learning a new technique! I want to live a long and healthy life. Above all, I love and enjoy it, it’s become a way of life for me, I couldn’t imagine going back to how I used to be!

C – I want to be healthy and live a long time, I also feel much better when I am active! 

Thank you ladies! We hope you have found this interview interesting and helpful!


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