Eric Helms Seminar

Eric Helms has 2 masters and is currently working on his PHD. He has also trained over 200 competitive bodybuilders.


Here are a few pearls from Eric’s seminar.

1. Off season is generally when you will win or lose your comp, never stray too far from your chosen stage/goal weight and body fat. The caveat is to make sure you increase your macros/cals enough to grow. Continue reading “Eric Helms Seminar”


Strong Not Skinny

We have had quite a few emails recently regarding our female only class on a Friday evening ‘Strong Not Skinny’.

‘What does it involve?’

‘Am I strong enough to come?’

‘Will it make me too bulky’?

Our main aim behind the class is to make you stronger. Plain and simple. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like knowing they’re getting stronger. However, like with most things, strength is relative. There are no initial requirements to come to the class, just a positive attitude and the ability to work hard. Continue reading “Strong Not Skinny”

Southern Qualifiers for ESM u90kg ’14

Setting up my own gym was one of two goals I set at the start of year. The other was qualification for England’s Strongest Man 2014, the path for which was by qualification of the top five strongest in Southern England on March 16th at Strength Tec gym in Fareham.

The run up for this had been pretty smooth, under the guidance of Winning Health Solutions Owner and 2013 England’s Strongest Man Tom Hibbert, I’d increased my strength greatly and was feeling pretty good about my chances for top 5 based upon what I thought I’d make on the day. Continue reading “Southern Qualifiers for ESM u90kg ’14”

Elite-Bodywork’s Classes

Group 1

Classes…bootcamps…circuits. Everyone has had experiences of some sort of group training scenario, so what makes ours different? Why will ours provide superior results?


Upon attending one of our group training classes, we will know:

– Your name (As simple as it sounds, very important, as anyone who has ever attended a 20+ person session will attest to).

– Your ability (Meaning we can make the session more specific for your strength levels).

– Injuries (We will know what exercises you should be avoiding and what exercises could help accelerate recovery).

We also will provide nutritional guidelines which will help to accelerate your progress as it will indicate an eating structure to follow to help to fit your goals. (In the future we will also be putting on FREE monthly nutrition seminars that any client will have access to).

We have had quite a few queries and a fair bit of confusion surrounding the details of our classes so hopefully this blog will help to clear some of the issues up.

Our main goal with the classes? To make our clients as lean, muscular and strong, until they say they’ve reached their target. To look better with their clothes off is generally what most people want, our classes offer one of the fastest and most affordable ways to reach that objective.

“Your name has Elite in the title, does that mean there will be just people already in great shape”. It’s true that a fair amount of our clients are in great shape, but that’s because they have been working with us for a while. Everyone starts with insecurities however we hope that they disappear quickly as our Coaches and classes are welcoming and inclusive of all abilities. We have middle aged housewives and executives, to competitive athletes and teams but are proud to say that we’re able to accomodate anyone who’s willing to work hard.

There will be a MAXIMUM of 8 clients in the gym at one time (essentially a large Personal Training session) and we will have access to all the equipment available in the gym. Often we see there are muscle groups under utilised within a class environment, as the exercises needed to target areas such as the upper back, hamstrings and lower back effectively without causing injury is difficult. We will have access to equipment such as:

– Cables, Benches and Power Racks

– Lying Leg Curl

– Glute-Ham Raise/Back Extension

as well as many other bespoke pieces of equipment.


To secure your spot in the same class each week, we just invoice you for the amount of session’s that fall within that month. You can pay as you go but it does mean that we cannot guarentee you a spot each week. We have already lots of classes fully booked, which indicates that at popular times we will probably be at capacity and booking ahead of time will be essential.

Prices are £8.50 per class which some people have mentioned is rather expensive. The reason why we feel the price is justified, is firstly the increased contact time you will receive with our experienced Coaches. Secondly, we have been running group sessions at our old facility for over 2 years. We started with a group of 6 and increased to 3 groups of 12 throughout the week. We know this system works and once you start, you will love every (ish) minute.

If you are looking for a class where there is a lot of running, bodyweight exercises and ability to shy away from working hard then these sessions probably aren’t for you. If however, you are looking for a group training environment which provides results in a hard working but enjoyable atmosphere, then these sessions are definitely the right choice.

For any more information please email


I wanted to write a short blog based upon a recent post on our social media.

Following on from a competition we posted last week on our Facebook page, we asked the following question.

What do you think is the most important element in fat loss and why?

We had lots of great answers; sleep, hydration, no magic bullets etc, all correct in part but not the main answer we were looking for. So what was it?


Nobody wins by accident. Everyone who has succeeded has set out with a plan to be the best at what they do. Therefore when you apply this to a fitness context, it would appear that for the most part, those who get the best results believe that they can achieve this.

This certainly is not always the case from the outset and that’s where a good coach can become a great coach. It’s not about comparing one individual to another to make them understand what’s possible, it’s about helping someone believe that they DO have the ability to get the results they desire.

Here are just a handful of the individuals who have had great results from our coaching methods.

As always, every great transformation whether it’s physical or more importantly emotional is achieved by the client. As a coach, we provide the tools, the client is the one who has to use them correctly. In actual fact, seeing people overcome emotional hurdles is so much more rewarding than seeing an emerging 6 pack. Even in the last week I can think of two stand out instances that make me feel incredibly proud, as I know just how long these challenges have taken to overcome.

Mindset is a powerful thing. Before setting any goals related to fitness (or life) you have to make sure that you believe it’s something you can do.

E.g. ‘I want to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks’.

Achievable? Yes. However just hoping the weight fall’s off whilst continuing to succumb to the dietary indulgences that have created the psychological desire to rid that weight in the first place makes this goal unachievable!

Fat loss is extremely simple but not necessarily at all easy. The two words although similar, have completely different meanings. Be committed, make sustainable changes and get your mindset to a place which will allow you to achieve your goals.

This is the key to fat loss.

Qualifying for the British Olympic Weightlifting Championship…

by Ben Ross

This is a short blog of how in my last comp, I managed to overcome a big mental block from unexpected sequence of events. Funny how things work out isn’t it?

My last comp was the regional championship for London & South East England. This was defiantly the highest profile comp to date I had done as the venue was bigger, the equipment better, much stronger lifters who had to qualify just to be there and officials to double check your weight as well as drug testing.

I had been very dedicated with my nutrition going into this championship, I was leaner, lighter and stronger then I have ever been before. Needless to say this gave me a huge mental edge as most of you know so much of lifting is in your head. Weigh in went as smoothly as expected, a light 66.7kg for my under 69kg class. As soon as I had weighed in it’s off to get my breakfast in.

I sit down and tuck into my chicken, pepper and cous cous, having to force most of it down as I never really have an appetite before lifting. Looking around seeing other competitors eating sandwiches, crisps and flapjacks….

90 minutes after weigh in its off to the warm up room, find myself a platform and begin going through my warm up procedure, I’m feeling good at this point. The warm up room is quite quiet and all the lifters have different ways to prepare, every now and again you catch someone looking at what I’m doing or vice versa.

I warm up quite quickly and am keen to get going, most defiantly the pre-workout kicking in. I warm up a bit too quickly and am ready to go about 15 minutes before I am due to lift, I decide to slow it down before I over cook myself. A short while after I began to re-warm up, this was a massive error.

My second warm up never felt as good, lifts felt labored and sluggish,  I missed a few warm up lifts and start to stress out, this made me miss a few more. My last warm up lift is 80kg; in a few minutes I would go on stage and do 90kg as my first attempt. I miss the 80kg warm up, my head is a mess, a combination of a badly timed warm up and nerves start to kick in. If I miss my first 3 lifts I get disqualified from the whole championship (referred to as “bombing out”). The lifter before me does just this, more pressure.

My first attempt is a 90kg snatch, I clear my head, grasp the bar as wide as I can, and just before I lift I remind myself I had done 10kg more than this is training. This works a treat, I throw it overhead catching it perfectly, the over head squat is easy, the feeling of relief floods my mind.  I then go on to miss my next two lifts at 96kg. As you can imagine I’m pretty pissed off at this point, but was just happy I got one lift in after that horrific warm up.  I’m sure I just blew my chances of qualifying for the great British championship and any sort of podium.

The comp then moves onto the second lift, the clean and jerk.  This lift was 100% my nemesis, I could almost snatch the same weight I can C&J, this is very odd. I had never done 110kg before, 109kg easy, 110 impossible. I had formed a complete mental block about this weight. I knew if I still wanted to qualify for the Great British champs I would need at least 115kg.

First C&J was 105kg, no problems at all. Second lift I ask for 110, I don’t let the thoughts of the countless times I have missed this weight enter my mind. The clean feels great lands a little high on my shoulders and squashes my windpipe slightly. I stand up quickly and give myself a few seconds to adjust the bar on my shoulders. I drive the bar above my head I catch it a little low and stager with the bar over head. Mid drive above my head I caught myself thinking “ah crap, I didn’t drive enough and have lost it” instantly I think no way! Keep pushing up. 2 out of 3 judges give the lift so it passes, I was happy I had finally got that weight, but felt lucky do have done it wasn’t smooth at all.
My last clean and jerk had to be 115kg, a weight I had never even attempted to clean before let alone put it above my head. Before I had any time to dwell on this thought I hear the announcement, “Bar is loaded, if Ben gets this lift he will qualify for the Great British Championship!”  As if I didn’t have enough pressure anyway!
I dust my hands with chalk, take a few stamps on the ground to get me fired up and walk through the door to the stage.
I hear the roar of the crowd as I walk out and can pick out the familiar voices within it. I just look at the bar as I walk towards it, making sure I don’t look at the large crowd that’s amassed. I run through the motions, toes under the bar, strong grip, sit back and take a deep breath, at this point the crowd is silent.
I sit up and pull as hard as I can, the bar hits my thighs perfectly and I drop to get under the bar, it lands heavily on my shoulders, the squat feels good though. Standing up with it I let out a roar of aggression. I let the bar settle, take a deep breath and dip and drive the bar overhead punching hard, I catch it perfectly overhead. I take a few steps to recover and hold the bar tight to keep everything still waiting for the buzzer, it feels like lifetime.The buzzer goes, I’d done it. I release the bar to the floor and give an emotional cheer with arms stretched out, I take a second to absorb the crowd’s cheers, and it feels amazing. Months of strict training, all the travelling to various gyms and eating perfectly weighed food has paid off.

I walk off stage into the back and am fired up! I take a seat and try and comprehend what I had just done, I feel a rush of emotion run through my veins, almost like pins and needles all over.

Not one but two personal bests, achieved qualification to the great British champs and overcome a massive mental hurdle.

A great day indeed.

Below is a video of that last Clean and Jerk.

115KG @ 66.7kg BW