Seminar with Arram Egyohan

by Alex Pearson Jones

1 – Its a game of inches, scrap the millimetres. One of the biggest points that Arram stressed, you shouldn’t make it harder than it needs to be! If you are travelling less distance than your competitor then you are more likely to come out on top after a long and gruelling powerlifting meet. 

2 – As well as moving efficiently it’s important not to get caught in all the technicalities of the movement. There are lots of different ways to move, but Arram had a fantastic way to break movements down. Rather than thinking about all the points for a good squat Arram simply stated, “Hips back, then, hips forward” this mindset seemed to me like it was really an edge to his game when it comes to Powerlifting. If you can take the thinking out of the movement, then its just you versus the weight.
3 – There is no “one size fits all”, everyone will have there own best way to move depending on build, limb length, and their muscular strong points, this was most obvious in the Bench Press. Grip width was simply determined on where you were strong and your ability to maintain that position, a wider grip for a greater chest dominant movement and narrower if you were more triceps dominant.
4 -To be fast you must learn how to be slow, this was not a point to be used in a competition but more for accuracy and nailing technique. Controlling the eccentric of the movement would allow you to be in the right position to explode and complete the rep, until your technique is absolutely dialled in it was important to make every rep in the right position, only then can you learn to be fast.
5 – During your warm-up you should progressively get faster and get loose specific to what you are doing. Everybody has different ways of warming-up but I found Arram’s way particularly interesting. Firstly warming up to move better! Using a bio-mechnically more difficult exercise to increase neural recruitment and tighten the whole body up, case in point doing overhead squats before back squats, to tighten the upper back and go through a greater range of motion. Along side this doing some mobility work such as hip flexor stretches, Glute activation etc, the warm-up should be specific to your weaknesses and you shouldn’t be scared of static stretching pre-workout, if you need to stretch to hit depth, then stretch!
All in all a fantastic seminar with a very talented Strength Coach. I look forward to reporting back to him about how this information has helped to progress my own and my clients training.

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