Strong Not Skinny

We have had quite a few emails recently regarding our female only class on a Friday evening ‘Strong Not Skinny’.

‘What does it involve?’

‘Am I strong enough to come?’

‘Will it make me too bulky’?

Our main aim behind the class is to make you stronger. Plain and simple. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like knowing they’re getting stronger. However, like with most things, strength is relative. There are no initial requirements to come to the class, just a positive attitude and the ability to work hard.

We have devised a structured programme that you will follow each week to ensure progression. As well as improving strength levels, we hope to improve your flexibility and conditioning with different stages of the workout.

The more we get to know you, the more specific we can make the plan. We work with a range of abilities and devise your programme based upon:

  • Current strength levels
  • Previous weight training experience
  • Flexibility
  • Injuries

Whether you are new to weight training or a competitive athlete, we are able to design suitable an effective programmes based upon the above considerations. With a maximum of 8 people per session, it ensure’s we have enough equipment and can provide enough contact time.

Here’s an example of Franki’s workouts for the next 3 weeks as she work’s towards her first competition of the year, Southern Qualifiers for England’s Strongest Woman u63kg.

(This is specific to her goals).

Week 1:

A BB Back Squat

B 40kg Sandbag

C 40kg Duck Walk

Week 2:

A BB Back Squat with chains

B Farmers Walk – Speed

Week 3:

(Comp 2 days away)

A Banded BB Back Squat

B Remedial Work/Mobility

In comparison, someone who was relatively new may have a workout designed like this:

A Goblet Squat

B1 Front Foot Elevated, DB Split Squat

B2 Lying Leg Curl

C 45′ Back Extension (Drop Set)

Then the progressions throughout the consecutive week’s would be focusing on improving rep quality, incremental weight changes and decreasing rest period to ensure progression onto larger more effective exercises.

An idea of the result’s we’ve had in the 4 week’s we’ve been running the class? Grace has taken her Log max from 30kg to 42kg!

Grace Log

Sound good?


Friday @ 6.30pm

Cost (Cheaper if block booked):

£7.50 per session


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