Five take away points from EBW Nutrition Seminar #2

As we only have around an hour to talk at the seminars we hold, we have to break the vast amount of information regarding nutrition into sections. Here are a few of the top take away points from our most recent one.

1. Make sure your food choices contain one ingrediant. Foods with added chemicals and preservatives will mean more exposure to toxins and less nutrient value. Try to get the majority of food through red meat, white meat, poultry, game, fish, vegetables, good quality fats (coconut oil, fish oil etc) and fruits. Some grains and legumes are indicated for most, just don’t over eat and make sure timings are correct (after training, later in the day etc).

2. Supplements are important for most but the quality is the main thing to be concerned about. You get what you pay for. Less quality testing, more chemical fillers and reduced nutrient value is prevelant in cheaper brands. Digestive enzymes, multi-vitaminss and omega 3 fish oil would be good additions for most.

3. Sleep is one of the most under rated recovery agents as well as being vitally important for health and body composition. Reduced sleep quality and quantity results in reduced energy, more stress, less ability to handle carbohydrates and more cravings amoungst many other things. Making sure your room is as dark as possible, turning off electrical equipment 30-45 mins before bed and by focusing on going to bed and waking up at the same are just a couple of simple steps you can take to help improve your sleep.

4. Cholesterol and heart disease. The latter is definitely something to be concerned about, the former perhaps not so much. The original studies done on saturated fat and cholesterol were flawed and misinformation, corporate greed and marketing has allowed us to believe that saturated fat is the enemy. Trans fat (man made) is definitely the type of fat to avoid but good quality saturated fat such as organic butter and coconut oil should be included in your nutrition plan. Steps you can take to decrease your risk of heart disease include making sure you don’t overeat sugar to manage triglycerides and inflammation and to manage your stress levels. The subject is vast and mechanisms complex so for more information you can check out The Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

5. Maple syrup is good for you…Maple syrup is thought to contain up to 54 beneficial compounds including anti-oxidants and anti-cancer compounds. In an age were artificial sweeteners are used so frequently, good old maple syrup could be a much better option.

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