Five Clinical Pearls from Biosignature 2012

Me and Ben have just got back from Charles Poliquins Biosignature Modulation in Southampton. This was James’ third re-certification, Ben’s second but yet we have still picked up some fantastic information. Below are the top five points from the three days…

1. If you don’t have enough saturated fat in your diet (organic butter/coconut oil etc) you can’t absorb nutrients from vegetables effectively.

2. The two years before puberty for children are when genetics are laid down for how lean they are going to be in their life.

3. Probiotics are the most important supplement to take post-partem to help to lose body fat.

4. Sodium Benzoate (a chemical in fizzy drinks) and skimmed milk are the two biggest risk factors for prostate/breast cancer.

5. Salt intake causes loss of energy in low carbohydrate diets. Increase salt intake per meal but MUST be coloured salt (Himalayan etc).

We learnt a lot of new information, improved our skin fold ability and found out new ways to improve our business.

For more information about the Biosignature, please check out

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